London One

Assalamualaikum everybodyyyyyy

It’s been more than a week since I came back from London and I’m sorry I took quite a while to do a blog post but here I am forcing my lazy ass right now (go bibs…*monotone*) I was supposed to stay in Europe until 16th March but something unfortunate happened and I decided to spend the remaining of my spring holiday at home instead. What a bliss :)))))))) best k di rumah!! Nak bfg! The future… my future is still blurry, should I make a post on me ranting on what to do next year? I’m quite good at ranting, really.

So, back to the topic, London. Ahhh..everything in London is just….cheap. Really though, living in Japan, I totally felt the difference. I didn’t convert the currency though, just roughly estimating how much I could fit into the shopping bag. Think I even gained some weight from the heavenly pastries and hot choc *buang scale*

I decided I’m too lazy to put any information or tips here so you can contact me directly or drop anything in the comment section below amboi bukan main diva kau ni bib. Screw it, here are some of the pictures I took during my trip to London 🙂

  1. First, Museums. Natural History Museum and Science Museum. They have free super fast internet here but no internet anywhere else. Free admission
this is the area where we stayed


To be continued…


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