Paris Part One

Assalamualaikum everyone! I’m currently blogging this from London and I just got back from Paris earlier today by bus. It was tiring because we went to famous spots in one day, but it was worth it! We bought the one day pass metro ticket for 7.50€ and used it sampai malammm (lewat petang)

Mula2 masa sampai tu macam ok where is Paris because the place where we stayed mcm tepi2 bandar sikit so I was like mana bangunan?? Plus the metro is underground. However when we got out… was magical. Lawa sangat k!! Ambil gambar tepi jalan pun artistic gila architecture dia

Ok sbenarnya bosan kan baca travel post panjang2 so let’s start with making a list of the places (tourist spots) we visited yesterday.

  • Notre Dame – Super big cathedral with exquisite weird carving. They say dalam ni ada paku and cebisan salib Nabi Isa, like the real one. Wallahualam. Tapi carving dia agak creepy because every face carved is different like just HOW???

  • Champ de Ellysees- Ni macam shopping street for branded goods hence, bangunan dia extra gila design πŸ˜‚  kita sini jalan2 je lah ye 

  • Arc de Triomphe – This monument honors those who fought and died for France during the French Revolution and Napoleonic War (wikipedia) The details though. THE DETAILSSSSSSSSS HOW DID THEY MAKE THISSS 

  • The Louvre – World’s largest museum. And also where Tom Hanks were running around finding hidden messages and interpreting them πŸ˜‚ 

  • Eiffel Tower ❀️ – last but not least this beautiful monument. So Eiffel tower was originally to be built temporarily but then it remains to be the icon of Paris. Unplanned things can turn beautiful 🌸

Paris is indeed a beautiful city, everywhere you look, every building is historic and the detailings is just….breathtaking

That’s it for my first Paris trip. The weather was nice and the sky is waaayyyy prettier than in London, definitely going here again (but not alone sbab quite scary) 

Thank you for reading! xoxo


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