I’ve always wanted to actually see Mount Fuji up close since I came here (no bukan nak daki), seen it a few times but only from afar. So yesterday I went to one of the Five Fuji Lakes, Lake Kawaguchi with my besfwenn from who came all the way from Nagaoka (luv u bebe). So according to wikipedia,

 Fuji Five Lakes is the name of the area located at the base of Mount Fuji in the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan. It has a population of about 100,000 and sits approximately 1,000 meters above sea level. The name Fuji Five Lakes comes from the fact that there are five lakes formed by previous eruptions of Mount Fuji.

There are Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Motosu, Lake Sai, Lake Shoji and Lake Yamanaka. Banyak kan. We only went to one area sbb we’re there for the view. There are many access by train or bus from Tokyo so we booked 2 seats on a bus because that’s the cheapest (1750¥ one way), straight to Kawaguchiko Station. I booked from this website. It took around 2 hours kot because I slept so mcm bangun2 ja eh lawanya view so nature gitu

p/s: i’m not this white 



Upon arriving at the Kawaguchiko Station I was like ok mana Fuji manaaa *excited* but there’s like many small buses and we didn’t actually know what to do sebab mau fefeeling play tourist k memang tourist pun. We went inside and looked around. There are a few activities actually, Sightseeing bus, Sightseeing Boat, Ropeway. So kitorg pun ambil ropeway sebab curlass k naik ropeway/cable car….just kidding, sebab of all those ropeway paling murah (800¥ return)

first thing to grab : MAP

If you look closely in the map dia macam ada pinpoint which indicates where the sightseeing bus stop so you can basically stop at any points but pay attention to the colour (blue,red,green bus) because the routes differ. We stopped at point 11 for the ropeway


I live for these kind of views. Subhanallah 🙂cimg1727

partner of the day


tadaa, tu la Tasik Kawaguchi


Fuji San!

cimg1746Ok la memula sampai atas I was like ala Fuji San still jauh (still unsatisfied) . Dia macam an observation deck with a small souvenir shop. There were many people up there but it wasn’t crowded. And the weather was beautiful 🙂cimg1749cimg1750cimg1760cimg1761cimg1762

Lepas turun kitorg fikir next point nk turun mana so we decided to stop by Nagasaki National Park. Gigih hunt view kan ihikscimg1774

Mount Fuji. Is. So. Beautiful.


There was no one there except us soo berabis la kami. Begambar, insta live, you name it hihicimg1788

It’s soo symmetrical I find it pleasant to the eyes


tumblr af 


Those trees with branches are most probably Cherry Blossom trees I guess so can you imagine the view during Springtime? Perfection. Ok bila dah puas tengok we took the bus back to the station and went back to Tokyo, took Kas to ramen shop, ate there, the we went back home. We took the train sebab booking bus dah penuh, it was tiring though. Sobs


Thanks and take care in Nagaoka! Love you ❤

Thanks for reading! xoxo


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