Bro dah kawen

So last week I went back to Malaysia for 3 days to attend my eldest brother’s wedding! I know people would say ruginyaa balik weekend ja tiket mahal kan etc etc but i’ve got experiment on Tuesday so apparently dead or alive I MUST attend it to graduate. Japan. It was a joyous moment, the wedding, I mean. Akhirnya dapat lepas rindu family because everyone else went back during last summer while I stayed here mereputz aka kerja, and most importantly dapat lepas rindu makanan Malaysia.. Oh they’re THE BEST!! Salah satu nikmat being a student in Malaysia, I guess 😉 When you’re abroad I guess your stomach just became depressed and eventually had to adjust with those unfamiliar food..

So my brother’s majlis akad nikah was on Saturday, held in this BEAUTIFULLLLLLL place in Titiwangsa with a pool  (hipztur ngat). Didn’t take any pic of the place because I was excited!! The night before I helped with the doorgifts and such. It is always a good feeling surrounded by family despite how unexpected things could be sometimes but it was always good memories. Enough with the words, let the picture do the talking! 🙂


My pretty cousin, Alia. Same age as me and she’s a future doctor (beauty with brain)  ❤  ❤

cimg1096Alhamdulillah the akad went well, I have a sister now!!!!11!!1! She studied engineering and she’s also a makeup addict maybe that’s why we get along so well ihihihi hai kak Fita luv you

i wish you both happiness forever . love you both (hugs ketat)*mata berair

Enter a caption
The next day (Sunday) majlis belah pengantin lelaki pulak. The theme was olive, I forgot to mention I wore Ariani’s shawl on both occasions. Trust me they’re soo good!! No wonder my mom loves them


thanks sampai scroll bawah sini ahakss.  Syukur Alhamdulillah everything went well. I flew back to Japan on Monday, hate to say goodbye to my family. They’re my home ❤  Notice how flawless my skin appears in these photos? These pictures were NOT edited, thanks to my camera Casio Exilim it makes me look dewy and less zombie most of the time! And I’ve been trying this super amazing foundation too. Next post maybe?

I’ve been thinking about blogging a bit more about life here, studying in Japan. Perhaps on some stuff I like or of my interest? Haha tengoklah kalau ada masa ye but I’ll try!

Bye semua thanks for reading, love you xoxooxxo!


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