Meat as we know it

So on the day I went out with my friends (previous post) we had Korean Yakiniku aka BBQ for dinner. Actually dah lama nak try makan sini but I was occupied with other things like bills and stuff, not that I don’t have to pay bills anymore, but I kinda sort things out. Ceh padahal. hahaha

If you’re close to me you know I’m a sucker for steamboat/bbq/things-you-cook on-the- table stuff. I LOVE the concept, there’s this buffet style steamboat place near my college back in Malaysia, Echal and I remembered eating there 3 DAYS IN A ROW. I was thinking “alaa nanti dkat Japan teda ni uhuhu sedihnya” but when I come to think of it, tak perlu pun makan over smpai camtu kahkah ni semua sebab orang ajak. Tu dulu k.

This place we went is in Ueno, you just have to take the Tokyo Metro subway and stop at Okachimachi or Ueno, then walk a bit until you find it (google maps kan ado).

“Yakiniku restaurant, “Panga” in Satake shopping street of Okachimachi acquired HALAL certificate for having all-HALAL meat and seasonings. “JAPAN HALAL FOUNDATION,” managed by Okachimachi mosque, issued HALAL certificate with a standard for food-only HALAL.

Panga opened 16 years ago and has since has been successfully serving customers with wagyu beef made in Japan. It is very highly rated by Japanese customers. Wagyu beef made in Japan is highly appreciated worldwide. The texture of meat that melts in your mouth is sure to make you want to come back for more. They plan on only serving dinner for the time being, with reasonable cost of about 2500 to 3500 yen per customer. Please visit Panga when you happen to come to Ueno and Okachimachi area”


We ordered the set for 3~4 people yang  4980 yen tu


The menu in English.

The meat doesn’t come with rice so you could order it as an add on with soup ke tambah daging for portion sorang ke up to you tp check dompet dulu k

tempat grill
that leaves and sayur, and side dishes (kimchi etc) came together along with the set we ordered


chicken in the middle, the marinate was yummyyy


i forgot the name but this costs 900yen, cukup share 3 orang

Okay la actually missed Dubu2/Dubuyo back in Msia and this soup kinda reminds me of Soondubujigae homaiiii

shrimp, scallops and mostly tofu with half cooked egg


nampak that dedaunan itu?

It is a Korean traditional way of eating ssam Style where you put small portion of everything with a slice of meat wrapped inside a leaf. Pastu makan.boom. Foodgasm.

camni la but lagi lawa
muka sebelum paksa diri diet

Overall puas hati Alhamdulillah. Service was goooood, ambience best, not that smokey compared to Gyumon (refer this post!) Frust sikit la because the drink is not nomihoudai as in no free refill except for plain water la. The meat was okay 🙂 Total price per person (3 people) was 2369 Yen, which is super reasonable for yakiniku and some side dishes. Nyum!



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