Me and the shrine

Assalamualaikum wbt ūüôā It’s been AGES since I last updated my blog *blows dust off* I just had nothing interesting and worth sharing for a while and I’ve been struggling w a few issues but Alhamdulillah it’s getting better inshaAllah. Classes have started and so far they’re okay, my schedule isn’t as packed as last sem’s yayy!

So today I went out to see my friend from primary school until secondary school (before I entered SBP) to take my stuff (maggi n some baked beans from my mom). He’s majoring in Bioprocessing Engineering in UTM and will be here for 6 months for research internship program. sugoi…¬†I wanted to bring him to eat this halal ramen dkat shinjuku so kitorg pun janji nk lunch. Pastu I ajak Syafa sekali, hi chap ‚ô• (dia suh mention dlm blog hahaha)


After makan tu we were like hm nak pegi mana ni because it’s still early and my friend just got out from the hospital (he got admitted for a week). At last we decided to go to Meiji Shrine at Harajuku, I’ve seen many people go there so I guess why not? Plus it’s free and boleh bakar kalori sebab jalan banyak ahaks #priority¬†

the entrance gate
today’s explore-mates!
this place is soooo refreshing (it’s probably those trees)


this is right in front of the gate of main shrine, I saw people cuci tangan and muka before entering


that’s where people throw some money and make prayers


on my way back, the road was long but it was beautiful!

I love the concept of this shrine because it’s located right in the midst of busy and super crowded streets of Harajuku. It’s like a forest in city, an escape from the outside world. I love coming to places like this because you don’t have to worry about stuff. ¬†It’s like korg gi la shopping I wanna talk with trees (padahal broke kahkah)¬†People come here either to pray, or simply to explore the beauty itself. I watched them diligently closing their eyes with hands tightly squeezed. Human itself is very dependant in its nature. It’s rather calming when you know semorang datang for a good purpose. And guess what? We’re luckier, this so called escape, we do it 5 times a day. NO PAYMENT. FOC. If it doesn’t bring you tranquility, something is wrong somewhere.We all go off the track sometimes. Ponder. May Allah bless us all and shower us with His never-ending mercy. Guide us through every trial, and grant us paradise. ¬†Salam Maal Hijrah.


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