mi dingin

Dari dulu asyik tengok orang makan cold noodle dalam running man. Why would people eat cold stuff, let alone mee SEJUK?? it’s weird. well maybe for me, back in Malaysia everything is hot. EVERY.THING.

So today I decided to have cold soba with tempura YASSS


It looks something like this. That noodle (soba) is super cold and you eat it after dipping it into the soy sauce.The idea is simple, straightforward like my ideal man (cepatlah muncul)

It was so delicious i feel like eating cold noodle for the rest of my life.


lol padahal lpastu cari Hot and spicy Ramen afterwards because wong jowo n mangan pedes berpisah tiada. And excuse my zombie naked face. I had the mood to put on some sunscreen ONLY . lazy attack (as always)


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