whenever I go through hard times, dari dulu selalu dengar org nasihat “Bergantung penuhlah kepada Allah.”

“Put your hopes only on Allah.”

tapi bila diri diuji dgn kebergantungan, i fail miserably everytime. Mesti terpaut dgn benda lain, bergantung harap pada yang tak mampu berdiri dgn sendirinya. Especially when it involves things you put your effort in them. Rasa mcm weh aku dah usaha k why is this happening to me?? Humans are generally impatient and bersifat tergesa2 (21:39). We tend to jump into conclusion and in most of the cases I jump into bad ones. It usually has this kind of flow

effort -> fail -> emotional wreck -> down

this might look normal and seems like an usual emotional roller coaster but it’s actually unhealthy. You’re allowing shaytaan to fill that void in your heart with voices that could take you away from Allah’s mercy. Never ever let that happen  by never forgetting that

“Janganlah kamu bersikap lemah, dan janganlah kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah org2 yg paling tinggi darjatnya jika kamu orang2 yg beriman” (2:139)

I’ve been doing some reading and I could see from the pattern of the stories, ALL prophets were TESTED and the tests bring them nowhere but CLOSER to God.

Soalan yg terlintas most of the time, “Why me?”

Nasihat untuk diri sendiri, tangan yg cipta sensei/nihonjin tu adalah tangan yg sama cipta kau. Don’t put too much hope in indefinite beings. rely on their creator, who is also your creator. Jangan sedih, Allah tengah nak tapis tu. 😊
p/s: below are some of my pujuk-diri-sendiri Quranic verse. always soothing. hebad tak Tuhan kitaaaaaa ❤️


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