So last saturday i decided to escape my uni-home-uni life for a few hours at least. Dah lama teringin makan ayam penyet so dengan gigihnya pegi Shin Okubo (station: Shin Okubo) because there’s an Indonesian Cuisine restaurant there which serves ayam penyet, Merah Putih Cafe.  Sini susah k cari ayam penyet, not every Indonesian restaurant has it. You’ve to go through the menu, review, availability etc . Nasi Ayam Penyet has been my comfort food, my go-to food when and basically my i’m-not-sharing-this-with-anyone food. sedap k.

On my way to Shin Okubo around 5:45pm  Syafa sent me a picture

ok kak fauziah 😦

Sedih actually but keeping it for later sbb dh pkul 6 lebih time tu. Long story short, we rapid-google nearby halal restaurant and nearest area is Shinjuku/Shibuya. So we decided to go try Rasa Malaysia Cuisine in Ginza sbab perut mmg nk makan nasi dgn lauk Melayu uhuk uhuk. Tapi time tgh dlm train tetiba sedar yg dh nk masuk waktu sungkai so we decided to go to this yakiniku restaurant called Gyumon in Shibuya instead. Plot twist kan.

Outside of Shibuya Station

After drinking a bit and solat maghrib we started walking towards the restaurant, located not very far from the eki but you have to walk along this looong pedestrian crossing(jejantas) that has many stairs, then walk along the street until you find Gyumon.

Or you can just get a bus ride actually from the eki haha


The restaurant is quite hidden we almost walk past it sbab dia mcm dkat tepi alley sikit??? I mean not tepi jalan where you could see it directly (i suck in explaining stuff)

I heard quite a lot of good reviews about this place sbb halal of course and sedap. Japanese people come here often too sbb authentic and cosy katenye. As we entered waiter tu greet la as usual siap ckp Assalamualaikum and there’s a few malaysians at that moment but they seem to be so immersed in the savoury of the beef so yeah

(i got this pic from Google)

So the menu is simple, i mean there’s another menu yg tak set but i prefer the set one sbb dh include everything. Yes memang mahal yes nampak mcam sikit n omg membazirnya untungla kaya??? tapi ko rasa dulu la baru tau eheh. Btw drinks banyak choices n smua sedap k pastu gelas besar pulak tuuuu

raw slices of FRESH meat from different parts of the cow, you can see there’s parts with more fat n the more tender than the other etc


placed burning coals inside this sort of large version of claypot bowl. juicy
ventilation thingy so you takkan keluar smelling like grilled meat!
rice, salad in the white bowl, drink, sesame sauce, and the sambal omg sedap k makan dgn daging tu!! siap mintak tambah lg haha
that’s the mug
how i eat: put some sambal on the cooked meat and eat it with rice. heaven.

Alhamdulillah we both were full n satisfied. I personally recommend this place if you want to have yakiniku, not sure if this is the best, this is my first yakiniku too so if you’re a foodie atau rasa mcm nak splurge duit g makan sbab tension exam then go try this!! Actually I was hoping for a dessert (ice cream) to top of the course but org sini mana makan camtu ha ha ha so it’s fine. Everything else is good. But I don’t prefer frequent visit as the price is quite expensive though.

Hopefully I could bring my family here inshaAllah. 🙂

Rating? 8.24/10.0 ♥

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
ni dekat Manhattan’s Fish Market, Ikebukuro. no need to review y’all know they’re super gooooooooooood


Thanks for reading! xoxo



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